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PDF Viewer with tabs

PDF Viewer with tabs

Is there a non-bloated PDF viewer where I could open different chapters (pages) in the same PDF File in different tabs? I'm so tired of jumping around chapter to chapter. Especially, when I'm just trying to go to the appendix for a brief look.

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Guest [Entry]

"No, there isn't. There are PDF readers (e.g. Foxit Reader) that can display different PDFs in separate tabs, but none of them can display different pages from the same document in separate tabs.

If you're using Adobe Reader then Alt + Left or Right Arrow will take you to the previous or next view, if you just want to flick between two pages."
Guest [Entry]

"You can use Okular pdf reader. It can be installed with following command if you are using apt package:

sudo apt install okular

After installing Okular, you need to enable the multitab option as explained here.

Settings > Configrue Okular... > Program Features > Open new files in tabs

You can open the same document in the same window by drag and drop in different tabs."