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processor speed with HDD

processor speed with HDD

"I have been doing some research to buy a laptop for software development. I have been told by one of my co-worker that having a processor over 2.2 GHz with 7200 RPM HDD makes no sesne. He said that since HDD is 7200 (fastest as of now in laptop), it won't make any difference if your processor is faster than 2.2 GHz.
Do you guys agree??? If not then why not??? I'm trying to get a fast laptop with light weight.
Thank a bunch in advance."

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"Whilst for many operations, disk I/O is the weakest link as far as speed is concerned, There are many activities you do on your machine that are not hard drive related - and the faster your CPU, the faster these tasks will complete.

Anyway, That aside, you can always upgrade your hard drive to a SSD later where as upgrading your CPU is always much trickier and harder - and not usually financially worth it."