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PuTTY how to select text and copy text using keyboard ONLY

PuTTY how to select text and copy text using keyboard ONLY

Is there any way of selecting a text with keyboard the way I do it normally using Shift+arrows.

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"so far as I know, there is no means of copying a selected area from the putty window to the Windows clipboard without using the mouse. there is a feature request on the putty site specifically for this functionality.


the only way to copy information from the putty window to the Windows clipboard with a keyboard shortcut is to use the app system menu ""copy all to clipboard"" (which you can invoke from alt-space, provided you set the ""Window > Behavior > System menu appears on ALT-Space"" option configured in putty.

Pasting from the Windows clipboard into putty can be done with Shift-Insert.

If you need to copy and paste only within the terminal window itself, refer to either the man page for the shell you're using or consider using the unix ""screen"" app ('man screen' for more info), which allows text selection for copy / paste within the terminal window (similar to how vi's copy / paste works). an excerpt from the man pages:

C-a esc (copy) Enter copy/scrollback mode.

C-a ] (paste .) Write the contents of the paste buffer to the
stdin queue of the current window.

C-a {
C-a } (history) Copy and paste a previous (command) line.

C-a > (writebuf) Write paste buffer to a file.

C-a < (readbuf) Reads the screen-exchange file into the paste

C-a = (removebuf) Removes the file used by C-a < and C-a >."
Guest [Entry]

To work around this problem, run PuTTY in a Windows console replacement such as ConEmu or SuperPutty.
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"Another somewhat makeshift suggestion is to activate Mouse Keys within Windows. In Windows 7 it's under the Ease of Access Center.

Click ""Make the mouse easier to use"".
Check on the checkbox that says ""Turn on Mouse Keys"".
Click on ""Set up Mouse Keys"" for additional settings.

The default Mouse Keys hotkey is Alt + Shift + NumLock.

Hopefully hitting this key combination won't interfere with your session (or just Alt + Tab out and activate it from outside putty). I believe hitting 0 on the numpad starts a click lock, allowing you to drag over the portion of text you want to highlight/copy."
Guest [Entry]

"I was tired of scrolling down line by line via mouse left button to copy session output.
But now, i need to click on middle button twice; first at the beginning and second at the end.
How I did :

Go to Putty Configuration window
Choose ""Selection"" from category on the left of the window.
Under 'Control use of mouse', choose 'Compromise (Middle extends, Right pastes)' if not already chosen."