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Recover data from SD card

Recover data from SD card

I have a 2 GB Kingston microSD card which is about three years old. I put it in a reader today in my Windows Vista computer, wrote a 32 MB file onto it, safely removed it, and then tried to read it elsewhere. Nothing. Putting it back in the Windows Vista computer it now says:

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"A link to photorec was posted, but it only finds known file types. My files were of all random types. The nice thing, is photorec comes with testdisk.

Using testdisk, I worked on the image I made with dd :

# dd if=/dev/sdg of=~/tmp/sd.bin
# sudo apt-get install testdisk #if on ubuntu/debian
# testdisk ~/tmp/sd.bin
(Select the partition)
(Rebuild BS)

And there were most of my files! It scanned the image looking for a FAT filesystem. Just walk the filesystem and press c to copy important files to a directory on the local disk.

Thanks for pointing out that utility, The Journeyman geek"
Guest [Entry]

I've used ZAR with good results on several flaky CF cards. It should do just as well with a microSD, I would expect. For photo recovery, it's free. For more complete filesystem analysis and recovery of many more kinds of files, they want money, but I'm not sure that the free version won't recover everything allowing you to try before you buy.