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Remote Desktop won't maximize

Remote Desktop won't maximize

I use a laptop and I am docking and undocking frequently. Often when I connect to another machine using remote desktop, the screen size gets messed up when I dock again. By "messed up" I mean that it stays the size of my lap top screen (wide screen ratio). Clicking maximize will not get it to go full screen.

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"The problem is that the RDP-client remembers the resolution of your last connection.
This can be remedied by adjusting the resolution in the RDP-connection dialog to ""Full Screen""

Options >> Display > Remote Desktop Size: Full Screen (to the right)

Another possibility is to create a desktop shortcut for each of your frequently used resolutions. This can be done by making a shortcut to RDP and adding the following flags:

/w:[width] and /h:[height]

Examples of shortcuts would then be:

Docked: %SystemRoot%\system32\mstsc.exe /w:1600 /h:1200
Laptop: %SystemRoot%\system32\mstsc.exe /w:1920 /h:1200"
Guest [Entry]

"Try KB2582172 hotfix
Maximizing will not cause it to go into full screen mode again due to a bug. However, Microsoft released a hotfix."