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Replaced battery but phone now not working and will not turn on

Replaced battery but phone now not working and will not turn on

I brought an iphone 3gs second hand and have replaced the battery as shown on this website. But now the phone will not turn on or charge at all. Does anyone any suggestions to fix this problem?

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Replacing batteries on 3gs can be quite a pain. I would try a Hard Reset, holding both Power and Home buttons together at same time for approximately 15 seconds until iPhone boots up. If this does not work then….First the battery may not be compatible or functional, and have to be replaced. Second it may just need a charge. Third you may have damaged iPhone installing it. Flip vibrate switch, if vibrates iPhone it is on and LCD may not be connected correctly or is damaged. Connect iPhone to iTunes to see if it is recognized, if so LCD may not be connected correctly or is damaged. If nothing yet, try to charge iPhone with Wall Charger only, maybe for 20 minutes to see if that will get it going. If still nothing yet, carefully open iPhone and check that you put the Logic Board in securely especially over the battery area, make sure Connector 4 is really perfectly set right, and make sure Connector 1 for the LCD is set perfectly when closing the iPhone back up. Good luck. Brad
Guest [Entry]

"Something else that is often overlooked is a completely drained battery. Usually they will not charge.

This can be rectified quite easily.

How we do this is as follows....

Before connecting battery or after you disconnect, check if there is power in it(even a small bit) if there is it should accept a charge.

However, if the power in it is 0.5 volts or less, it may, because of the diode accepting input current, reject the charge.

This happens purely because the low power ratio can not determine in the diode which is negative and which is positive.

Having the drained battery disconnected or at least the Positive(Red) wire, Using a PP3 9V battery and two wires Connect positive to Positive and negative to Negative for 5 seconds.

Doing this blasts a small quick charge into the battery and also determines the correct polarity.

Re-conect the battery, you may be surprized! this boost can revive many a dead battery.


If you are sure your battery is 100%, connections 100%, Display 100%, the next step back is your I/O button.(sleep)


There are 4 terminals on an iPhone battery. You should measure anywhere between 3.5 - 4.2 volts between the + and - terminals. The other 2 terminals are a temperature sense line and a data communications line.

Unfortunately, i do not have a 3g or 3gs in the workshop to answer your query. A miltimeter across the 2 OUTER pins will determine which is +."
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"I found the issue, To be some Idevices incorrectly measure the remaining amount battery life .. So the device drops below .25v 10mah , as stated in previous comments well below the idevice to enable to charge circuit , its similar to how the voltage regulator work in a cars alternator which needs power eg. 8+volts to enable charge circuit .... to cut a long story short ... i was giving a dead 3GS so i changed battery .. which worked great until dead flat.... so in true modders form it was time to mod .. i used a small signal diode which i connect to the 5v rail of the Usb port to the + terminal on battery ... which the unloaded of diode is about 4.2v / loaded 2v 20mah just enough to shunt battery output to activate charge circuit.

its not the best way the resolve it .. but it works and add near no additional strain to circuit ... i recommend to unplug from charger when bat reaches 100% ... to stop overcharging ..."
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"I purchased a replacement battery for my 3gs from ifixit apn 616-0435 and it initially started up and i was able to sync with itunes it now wont charge up, the phone just stays on the black screen with the charge logo. the current voltage in the new battery is 3.6vdc.

the original battery apn was 616-0431

is there anything else i should check?"
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I have replaced my iphone 3gs battery and had similar problems. I bought it from DirectFix. Installed it fine, but it only charges now if I connect the iphone to my PC. It will not charge from wall chargers or my in-car charger or speaker doc! It previously did! So I troed the hard reset, restore and various combinations of connecting and disconnecting that others suggest, to no avail. I replaced the dock in the iphone (someone else's suggestion, but still only charging from computer! So I bought another new battery from ifixit thinking it must be a duff battery from Directfix, but the same issue exists! What can the problem be?????
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"I also bought a battery with APN 616-0435 while the original battery was 616-0431 on my iPhone 3GS. The first one was completely empty and it wouldn't charge. I returned it and got a replacement. The second one was charged at 44% but when I connected the charger, I saw the icon of the power plug on top of the battery icon instead of the lightning icon that would indicate that the battery was being charged. I left it on for a little while but the battery kept discharging. So I measured the voltage between the original battery and the new one and I found out differences:

the pin out of the battery is (pin 1 is on the bottom of the battery)

Pin 1: Ground

Pin 2: NTC_CONN (data)

Pin 3: BATT_TEMP_CONN (battery temperature, 2.5V should indicate 25 degrees celcious)

Pin4: BATT_VCC (the actual power output of the battery)

The thing is that measuring between Pin2 and Pin3 or Pin2 and Pin4 on the original battery would give me the same result as from Pin1 and Pin3 and Pin1 and Pin4, while on the new battery I was getting 0V.

Also, the resistance between Pin1 and Pin2 on the original battery was 10KOhm while on the new one it was infinite.

I found the schematics of the iPhone 3GS on the net:

Printer.rar (http://www.4shared.com/rar/uxvUud4I/Prin...)

Printer.rar (http://www.mediafire.com/?5b1r7it02sxjwm...)

I'll try to see if using a 10kOhm resistor between the pin1 and pin2 will do the trick. If it doesn't I will return the battery again and try to get one with the right APN..."
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