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Search box doesn't work in Firefox for OS X

Search box doesn't work in Firefox for OS X

I'm using Firefox 3.5.1 on a Mac and the search bar seems to have stopped responding to the "enter" key. I can type searches, and it will even "find as I type", but hitting "enter" doesn't do anything, no search is performed.

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Guest [Entry]

"I deleted


from the Firefox profile on Mac OS X 10.7.4 with Firefox 15.01. Problem solved.

See also this Mozilla support forums thread on the same issue."
Guest [Entry]

"In the regular Find (CmdF) field, ↩ finds the next occurrence.

However, if you are using ""Quick Find"" (by typing /, or just typing search text, depending on your configuration), ↩ is passed on to the newly focused content.

For example, if you Quick Find some text that is found as part of a link, then pressing Enter will follow that link. CmdG can be used to go to the next occurrence with either Find or Quick Find."