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Sendto shortcuts not working on Vista

Sendto shortcuts not working on Vista

I'm trying to customize my sendto shortcut following instructions posted on a How-To Geek article. The problem is that any shortcut I drop into the sendto folder doesn't appear as a shortcut when I right-click->sendto.

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Guest [Entry]

"Maybe you're playing around in the wrong folder.

Try navigating to shell:sendto from Run or Explorer.

If I copy the actual application

You're not meant to copy the program. Just a shortcut.

Edit: According to http://windowsxp.mvpsdotorg/sendtofix.htm, this issue could occur from

The SendTo shell folder path being incorrectly set in the registry
Missing 'drop handler' registry values

That site also has a fix for XP and Vista. Worth a try (backup registry first)"