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Setting up a wireless network at home

Setting up a wireless network at home

"Looking to connect up the new apartment. Renting so can't
install cables around the place so going to try make sure
I configure the Wireless so both strength and speed are good
both for internal file transfer and connecting to internet."

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"The 'G' Wireless speeds are plenty fast for connecting to internet as my internet connection is only 10mbs and 'G' goes up to 54?

You're right. The 802.11g standard is fine for that.

if I want to use the 'N' Standard I'll need to update my standard Cisco EPC2425 router or turn off the wireless on it and connect a more powerful router by cable?

I don't believe that model supports the 802.11n standard. The 802.11n standard only sees speed gains over 802.11g when it operates on the 5Ghz frequencies. However, for this speed increase you get diminished range.
Since you have a good 802.11g router, you may want to maintain two routers, one for 802.11g on 2.4Ghz and one for 802.11n on 5Ghz. You could use inexpensive n router to act as a simple wireless bridge.

Most new routers can operate on both frequency ranges at the same time. So if two routers sounds too complicated, feel free to simply replace the one you have.

Can I get up to 104mbs on the Cisco router? ( http://short.ie/sngnyu - pdf doc on this device) to follow from that would this ( http://short.ie/wwd4u9 )D-Link AirPlus XtremeG - 108Mbps Super G Wireless 802.11g PCI Adapter) be able to connect to the Cisco router at up to 104mbs?

I believe those D-Link routers use two 802.11g transmitters linked together. They advertise 108 Mbps (54 * 2 = 108), but the actual speeds are much lower. In order for this to work, you often need a D-link receiver with the same proprietary technology. This is not part of the 802.11g standard. You're much better off with a router that supports the 802.11n standard."