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Stop PDFs from displaying inside Google Chrome

Stop PDFs from displaying inside Google Chrome

When I click on a PDF link in Chrome, it opens automatically inside the browser window. How can I get it to download instead and open with an external viewer?

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Guest [Entry]

"You can disable the Adobe plugin in Chrome, which will force Chrome to download the PDF.

It's under Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > PDF documents. Or enter chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments in your browser address bar to go straight there."
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"Are you using Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader to display the PDFs? If so, it is probably Abode's behavior you need to modify.

Here are the steps I had to take:

Open Adobe Reader
Edit menu, Preferences
Select Internet from the Categories list
Uncheck Display PDF in browser
Press OK

If you are using another application to view PDFs the steps are likely similar.

Re: Update

By any chance do you have both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat installed? You may have to repeat the above steps in the other application.

Chrome is a little weird in that its default behavior is to download everything and make you open it yourself. When you click a PDF link do you see the filename in the ""download bar"" along the bottom of the window? If so, try right-clicking on it and un-check ""Always open files of this type"" if it is checked."
Guest [Entry]

Kind of sorted this; I uninstalled Adobe Reader and installed SumatraPDF instead! Much better and lightweight app.
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"that depends on your default PDF reader, for Adobe try this:

Edit > Preferences > Internet

clear the box Display PDF in Browser"
Guest [Entry]

"How about pressing CTRL + S and saving the file after it opens it?
Works ok if you are not into downloading a lot of PDF's"