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"This file came from another computer..." - how can I unblock all the files in a folder without having to unblock them individually?

"This file came from another computer..." - how can I unblock all the files in a folder without having to unblock them individually?

Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista have this deal where zone information is preserved in downloaded files to NTFS partitions, such that it blocks certain files in certain applications until you "unblock" the files.

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"If you download a .ZIP and unzip it, the individual files will be marked as the same zone as the .ZIP. Almost every time I have a folder full of ""blocked"" files, this is how I got them.

Before unzipping, click the Unblock button on the .ZIP."
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"It's quite simple, NTFS attached a data stream (that IDs ""unsafe files"") to the file when it is just downloaded from the Internet.

Do recursively remove this stream for all files, follow these steps :

Download the Streams CLI executable from Microsoft
Put the streams.exe executable in your Windows directory (or anywhere that the system can find it)
Run this line in the command line :

streams -s -d directory

It will then remove all of the data streams from all files recursively in the directory - you have now successfully unblocked all files."
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"To disable blocking when files are downloaded, open the following registry key:


Change SaveZoneInformation to 1.


0 = Not Configured
1 = Enabled
2 = Disabled"
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"As another poster said the insecure file flag is stored in an NTFS data stream. What this means is there's a very easy way to remove this data stream, just move the file to a drive that doesn't support NTFS data streams.

Assuming that your problem is more related to the number of files, rather than the size of them, then the easiest way to do it might be to move (not copy) the files to a FAT formatted drive, then move them back to the NTFS drive (almost every USB stick is formatted FAT32 so will do nicely), and then move those files back to where you want them.

I've done this before when I've wanted to strip the blocked flag from a whole directory of downloaded files and it did exactly what I needed."
Guest [Entry]

"Download the Sysinternals Streams utility.
Unzip and copy streams.exe to \Windows\System32.
Create a new text file and rename it to something like ""unblocker.reg"".
Copy the below registry script in it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=""Unblock file""

@=""cmd /c streams -d \""%1\""""

@=""Unblock the files inside""

@=""cmd /c streams.exe -d -s \""%1\""""

Save the file.
Double-click the saved file to merge it into the registry.

After this, whenever you right-click a file, you can select ""Unblock file"" in the context menu or you can right-click a folder and select ""Unblock files in here"".