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Touch ID works but home button doesn't

Touch ID works but home button doesn't

Hello everyone,

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"Hello everybody

My job is iphone and macbook repair And it happen to me yesterday and there was no solution in internet.

If you didnt repair your home button or screen before, its a software problem.

I had this problem while charging in ios11.

In ios11 we have a new shutdown in setting/general

Its not like holding wake/sleep button and slide to power off.

This problem in ios11 will be fixed just by this way:

Setting-> general-> shutdown-> slide to power off

And turn it on after that.

Its worked for me and one of my costumers.

Guest [Entry]

"check proximity sensor flex. sweat will be trouble. i found 2 devices.

error is - earspeaker low, sensor not work, if press home button not work, sometime auto restart, sometime bootloop apple logo, cpu overheat"
Guest [Entry]

"Hi Owen, this is exactly the same problem I had (except I didn’t - and never will have the stamina to - bike for 8 hours straight, LOL). see my reply on Kevin’s post.

I’m happy to say that my home button had slowly recovered after more than a week of on-and-off touch-and-go and eventually became fully functional again. the point I wanted to bring here (apart from drying your phone) is you need to do the menu-shutdown trick to see if your home button is back to normal. it seems once the button is detected to have some issue it gets disabled until the phone is restarted in a certain way.

In summary, keep drying your phone, try the menu-shutdown trick every now and then and see if the home comes back. may not work for everyone but can always hope for the best. good luck."
Guest [Entry]

"Probably damaged the u10 ic chip in the middle of the HB. These suckers are fragile!


Ive tried a few as a test, first batch failed but got better with practise and now successfully been replacing the chips. This is only for the feedback touch element, not the touch id!"
Guest [Entry]

"Today we encountered this issue as wel..

the finger print / touch id works, but you cannot push the button and minimize an app or go to the home screen.

we replaced the screens 3 times, different screens, we replaced the home button also… You would expect that the button would work and the touch ID won’t…. But after the button replace nothing works.."