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Virtual Machine is 'inaccessible'

Virtual Machine is 'inaccessible'

My host is WinXP SP3, and I have 2 VMs, one Ubuntu and the other WinXP SP2. Everything was shut down last night when I went to bed. This morning, the WinXP VM was showing inaccessible. Everything is greyed out except for the refresh button that does nothing. No access to 'Settings' or anything else. How to I get it back instead of creating another one. The VDI file is still there.

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"Worse comes to worst, locate the VDI file that represents your virtual hard disk, and create a new VM using that as your hard drive. You'll lose any snapshots, of course.

The default directory for VDI files is c:\documents and settungs\\application data.virtualbox\HardDisks, I believe. (I use a Linux host and don't currently have a Windows-hosting box to check.)"
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"the information is stored in XML files, are they still there?

check c:\documents and settungs\<user>\application data\.virtualbox\machines

did you receive an automatic update? sometimes new versions render old virtual machines useless, in this case uninstall virtualbox, reinstall the older version and disable automatic update.

older versions can be obtained from FileHippo.com"
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"For VirtualBox v5.2.24 on Mac OS X (possibly on other systems and versions) there is a command line tool:


That has a repair option:

vbox-img repair --filename <file_name>

I would suggest giving this a try on VDI files (VirtualBox preferred) before venturing to manually editting application files."