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Vista startup repair renders HD un-bootable

Vista startup repair renders HD un-bootable

I'm in a bit of a trouble after trying to apply Vista SP2 on a dual-boot (GRUB, Windows Vista 32 bits and Linux OpenSUSE 11.1 x64). Here is the history:

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Guest [Entry]

"It turned out the problem was two partitions were flagged as bootable as you can see in my second edit, a side-effect of using the Vista DVD to restore the MBR. Apparently it messed up with the extended partition, giving it the boot... (normal from Microsoft you would say).

The solution was to use gparted and clear the boot flag.

I still have to fix the MBR and update to SP2, for that there is those two links, for anyone interested. It has not been tested!

http://www.sysint.no/nedlasting/mbrfix.htm (download page, look for MBRFIX)

Some thorough explanations on MBR, Vista changes and so on can be found here.

Thanks for helping out!"