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What are some good "Mac themes" for XP? [closed]

What are some good "Mac themes" for XP? [closed]

I want to install a Mac theme in XP. I've tried several transformation packs without success. Any advice on how I can do that or recommendations for good Mac or Mac-like themes?

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"I actually think it's not even possible get an OS X-like Windows XP theme without using transformation packs.

Windows XP has the ability to use
“visual styles” that use a *.msstyles
file on your hard drive.
Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t set up
Windows XP to allow others to create
them. The code name for the “Windows
XP style” was ""Luna"" when XP was
developed. If you look in your
folder, you will find a file called
""Luna.msstyles"". This is the ""skin""
that is known as the ""Windows XP

I don't think the *.msstyles file alone can give you everything you want. I would resort to a transformation pack that has been tested by a more renowned website or that can be easily restored. Here are some guides you could follow to get some nice results:

Transform Windows XP into Mac Os Leopard without using Customization Pack

Desktop Visual Styles -- UXTheme Multi-Patcher

Windows XP Theme to transform to Mac OS X with Flyakite"
Guest [Entry]

CrystalXP.Net has many "Visual Styles" for XP.