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What does it mean to touch the chassis?

What does it mean to touch the chassis?

I've hard the discussion about touching a non-painted metal surface of the case to make sure that you don't get zapped and that your hardware doesn't get damaged. I was just wondering if this meant that you had to be touching the metal of a case at ALL TIMES (which kind of sounded sceptical to me having to work with one hand when building a PC). Or... can you just breifly touch the metal of a case once every time you handle a PC component again or must it be at all times to ensure you don't get zapped?

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"You can clip it to the metal part of a computer case where the power supply is installed, plugged into wall outlet and switched off on the power supply switch.

That way you will be grounded.

ESD isn't really an issue unless you are working on a carpet floor. Periodically ground yourself by touching the metal part of a computer case for a few seconds and you should have no problems.

Make sure you don't place the motherboard on the anti-static grey bag that comes with the motherboard as they are sometimes conductive, placing it on the motherboard box is a better idea."