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What is an .so file?

What is an .so file?

I'm having problems with Flash under ubuntu and was going to try and upgrade to the Alpha release of Flash 10.1.

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"An .so file is a compiled library file. It stands for ""Shared Object"" and is analogous to a Windows DLL.

Often, package files will place these under /lib or /usr/lib or some place similar when they're installed. If you extract an .so file to a location in your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, a program that requires the library should be able to use it.

Ideally, read the accompanying documentation to ensure that it's in the right location.

If you run a command like locate adobe-flashplugin from the Terminal you may see some existing similarly-named libraries."
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"It is a dynamically linked shared object library, analogous to a .dll file in Windows.

Here are a couple of posts for installing Flash 10 in Ubuntu x64 and x86:

Install Flash Player 10 Under Ubuntu Linux (x86)
Install Flash 10 Under Ubuntu Linux 64 bit Edition (x64)

Make sure you've uninstalled any previous versions of Flash befor installing 10."