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What tool can auto-adjust the TV zoom in Windows Media Center?

What tool can auto-adjust the TV zoom in Windows Media Center?

I'm running Media Center on a Vista computer, and some programs are in 4:3 format while others are 16:9 -- even on the same channel. It annoys me that I have to manually switch format all the time, using the "zoom" function in MCE, while any modern TV can recognize black bars and adjust the image accordingly.

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"If you have a 16.9 display - any 16:9 content should fill your screen, and any 4:3 content should have black bars on by default. If you press the i button on your MCE remote (I think a right mouse click will also do the same), it will bring up an option to adjust the aspect ratio. You just need to select the one that says 'default aspect ratio' - I believe it's option 1 but I can't remember off the top of my head.

You should also make sure that MCE is setup correctly to display in 16:9 - you can do this by running the setup wizard again by going into tasks and settings. You can select various options to do with your tv, such as tv type, and aspect ratio."
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"@torbengb : Ideally what you expect should happen by default. I have a Widescreen 16:9 TV and I see the following behaviour at Zoom 1

Movie content: Usually at 2.35:1. This appears with black bars on top and bottom. There are no black bars on the sides. This is expected behaviour.
Recent TV Shows : Let us take House/Heroes for instance. These are broadcast at aspect ratio of 1:85:1. On a properly formatted 16:9 TV, this should completely fill up the entire screen with no black bars on any side.
Older Fullscreen content (4:3) : This should fill up vertically while there are black bars on the sides. You can then use any of the zoom setting to fill the screen. I use Zoom 4 for that.

The above is the behavior I see by default. If you don't see the behavior, I think it has to do with the monitor settings.

THe following info should help me help you
1. TV Type : 720p 1080p. What is the input type/scan mode you are using. The model no. should help me narrow down.
2. Desktop Resolution: What is the resolution and refresh rate you are using? Exit 7MC and then look at the resolution setting.
3. Video card config: What is the Video card. How is the TV connected? DVI->HDMI converter? Direct HDMI or VGA?