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Why do I need to enter a password for the Default Keyring to unlock?

Why do I need to enter a password for the Default Keyring to unlock?

When I log into Ubuntu, I am prompted every time to:

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"This can happen if your machine is configured to auto-login. You can work your way around this by setting a blank password for the keyring manager. Follow this guide to do this. This allows anyone using the computer to access your passwords.

There are a few other cases where you get asked for the keyring password, which I'm not very clear about. However, this prompt is not raised for most configurations."
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"This is slightly different in Ubuntu 11.10. I opened up seahorse and deleted the ""Passwords: default"" folder under the Passwords tab. Once I did this I saw no way to create a new ""Passwords: default"" folder.

So I went back to an application that wanted to store it's password in my keyring, I used Empathy for this. While re-logging into one of my accounts I was prompted with a dialog box that asked to enter my password for my chat account. I typed it in and hit ""Remember password"" checkbox.

I was then prompted by a second dialog, ""New Keyring Password"". Here's where it was saying that ""An Application wants to create a new keyring called 'Default'. Choose the password you want to use for it."" I left this password box blank, and just clicked OK.

Finally I was presented with a 3rd dialog box asking me if I wanted to ""Store passwords unencrypted?"" Here I selected ""Use Unsafe Storage""."
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"This worked for me

alt-f2 seahorse

(or just System - Preferences - Passwords and Encryption keys)

On passwords tab, right click and select delete

Close seahorse and open it again (there was a message stating that default keyring was not found

File - New - Password keyring: name: default

Leave it blank (no password)

Click ""use unsafe storage""

that did the trick for me"