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Why does my computer restart randomly without warning?

Why does my computer restart randomly without warning?

"Why does a pc restart automatically, ram seems good, hard discs have been swept by AVG and Avast Pro. Power source is OCZ stable and tested.
System is seriously unstable and reboots within a few minutes sometimes.
Managed to install new updates but when I go to restart it doesn't load properly and beeps annoyingly.
No overclocking of CPU.
On boot it states that computer is in safe mode, and recommends alteration of voltage in CMOS."

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Guest [Entry]

It looks like hardware problem to me. Try to swap CPU, RAM & GPU, one by one, for some which you know are working properly, and see if those restarts stop. This way, you can tell which component (if any) is the cause of your problem.
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"I had previously cleaned all the dust using a mini vac. and was fairly thorough.
I have a large enough CPU fan and it is watercooled too.
I have tested the PSU on another system and it works fine with no problems.
I am going to try another motherboard and see what happens."
Guest [Entry]

If you're getting CMOS error messages, it's worthwhile to check if the CMOS battery is misbehaving.