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Why is my PC fans spinning but not booting

Why is my PC fans spinning but not booting

My PC fans start up but then it doesn't boot or display at all. I have checked the cpu and no pins are bent and I have reset the cmos. What else could be causing this issue?

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Guest [Entry]

"@Raees Ryklief

What is the make and model number of the PC or the motherboard if a custom build?

Does the CMOS battery plug into a socket or is it held in a battery holder i.e. spring on bottom of battery holder and other connector around the side of the battery?

If a holder check that the springs are exerting enough tension on the battery by gently, stress gently levering them up a bit so that when pushed down by the battery they are making for a firmer contact.

If they appear to be OK or if it is a plug and socket type battery connection then there may be a faulty connection between the CMOS battery terminals on the motherboard and the CMOS IC. You would need the schematics of the motherboard to trace this further."