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Why is System process listening on Port 80?

Why is System process listening on Port 80?

I am running Windows 7 RC1. I have multiple issues getting IIS to work on my system and today when I installed a new application and I tried to load it using http:\localhost\MyApplication I get absolutely no errors and I get no page load. Just a pretty, white blank page.

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"This post on Getting Apache to run on port 80 on Windows 7 (internet archive) describes your point.

It seems the 'http.sys' (Windows Remote Management?) service is enabled by default in Windows 7.
Run through the comments on that link for some more notes...

the hypen-site does not necessarily have the only answers."
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"Open Services.msc and stop this service ""Sql server reporting services(MSSQLSERVER)""

I had tried EVERYTHING, but that worked for me:

further instructions on how to stop that service are below

Right click on My Computer
Select Manage
Double click Services and Applications
Then double click Services
Right click on ""Sql server reporting services(MSSQLSERVER)""
Select Stop
...and voila, port 80 was released"
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"Take ProcessExplorer, run it, open TCP/IP properties of every process (service), find process (service) that listening to http (80) port and switch it off.

I found Autodesk EDM Server was listening to http (80) port."