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Win7 MCE seems unable to play ripped DVDs

Win7 MCE seems unable to play ripped DVDs

I'm running Windows 7 and am using mymovies.dk to rip the dvds to my harddrive. However, playback isn't watchable as the picture is very stuttery and blocky, only shots that show the same image for a few seconds get shown properly.

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"AnyDVD does good job of converting the DVD files to something Handbrake can read. You can pick the output format in Handbrake, but I usually pick something that Apple products can read so that I can also get the files on an iPhone through iTunes. THe all play through Windows 7 MC just fine.

Its worth it to pay for AnyDVD in my opinion.

You might also find Jeff's post on some of his video playback escapades useful too."