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Wireless network without a router

Wireless network without a router

So here's my problem. I have a desktop PC (running Windows XP) connected to the internet via cable connection. This PC also has a wireless network card.

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"Try setting the IP address of each computer manually. Set one to with a subnet mask of, and one to with the same subnet mask. You can do this in the properties of each network adapter - choose TCP/IPv4 (just TCP/IP in Windows XP) from the list and hit Properties, then click the requisite option buttons and fill the information in. You can leave all the other fields blank.

From the OP's comment below:

You also need to set the gateway on the laptop to and the DNS servers to whichever DNS servers the PC uses."
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"Connectify does that:

It works obviously with any computer that has a Wifi card, not only laptops. It is still in beta, works only on Windows 7 and requires a free registration to download.

Edit: actually Connectify is just a fancy UI on top of existing features of Windows 7. See here for instructions on how to set this up manually, or check out Virtual Router which is free and open-source. Connectify is planned to be free only during the beta period."