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XP Standby stopped working

XP Standby stopped working

All of the sudden my XP laptop will not go into standby mode. I tell it to standby but it just continues to run. Same with hibernate. I have not added any hardware, but I did kill a software installation (long story). Is there some registry entry that blocks standby/hibernate? I can shutdown successfully.

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"Maybe that software installation installed a service before you killed it?

svchost.exe is the hosting process for any number of services that are running.

Run msconfig to see what services are being started and see if any look suspect. You can always disable any you think may be the culprit to help troubleshoot."
Guest [Entry]

"Sleep problems occur again and again on this forum, so here is a retake for XP of my stock answer. Things to try:

Look in your BIOS for the suspend ACPI options and try to switch modes among ""S1 and S3"", ""S1"", ""S3"" etc.
Turn off Hybrid sleep, see explanation here (for vista, but is the same)
The hibernation file is sometimes disabled by disk cleaning, to restore do in cmd run as administrator ""powercfg -h on"".

Note: Any of the above manipulation that doesn't help should be undone."