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Can't Restore iPod- unknown error occurred (1416)

Can't Restore iPod- unknown error occurred (1416)

I had an issue where my 60GB 5th Generation iPod ran out of juice and then could not be recharged. I bought and installed a new battery. With the new battery, the disk made clicking noises and could not be restored. Here's my story since then:

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bert [Entry]

"Steps that I took to retrieve my 4th Generation iPod photo

with a 1416 error.

1. Charge the iPod to half on the wall charger

2. Open Terminal. Type diskutil list

3. Try and find your iPod

4. Type fdisk -e /dev/youriPod

5. Press 'y' to intitialise the partition table

6. Type edit 1

7. Type ? to get a list of the format codes

8. Type the code for say 'Fat-32' windows or HFS 'Mac'. Hit return

9. Don't edit in CHS mode

10.Type 63. Hit return

11.Type the end sector of iPod memory. Hit return

12.Type flag 1 Hit return

13.Type update Hit return

14.Type write Hit return

15.Type quit Hit return

16.Type diskutil list (you should now see your iPod unmounted)

17.Type sudo diskutil mountDisk /dev/yourneweriPod (i.e. the bottom identifier)

18.Open Disk utility and format the iPod to the format you had chosen in step eight(8)

19.Run First Aid on the iPod (Mac) or chkdisk on the iPod (Windows) and clear any sector errors

20.Wipe the entire hard drive of any files or folders (Manually)

21.Restore the iPod"
bert [Entry]

i just had this problem, i tried all the above solutions (kudos to all those great reseponses) and then tried a replacement flex cable to my HD. THat worked.
bert [Entry]

"I had a similar problem. I did everything and was not successful using my personal laptop. I connected it to my work laptop and tried to restore it, and viola, I was able to restore it in record time. When I reconnected to my personal laptop, I was able to load all of my iTunes.

My assumption is that Norton was preventing me from successfully restoring it."
bert [Entry]

Hello Tony Montana, you can try iTunes library function to resolve your issue that arise in your iPod. This application is a iPod program that includes algorithm to fix this error. But sometime this application takes long time to process and can make you bore or can't be able to resolve the reason behind this type of error.In such situation you can use Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery Software to fix your problem.. For more information visit--http://www.stellarphoenixipodrecovery.co...
bert [Entry]

"I just got this error on my 5th gen 30g Video. A year ago, I replaced the factory battery, headphone jack, and hold button (easy switches). Recently, my ipod has been freezing and shutting off for extended periods of time. Today, it shut off completely and would not turn back on. (Does anyone know if replacement batteries still give the 'sad battery face'?) I took it apart to detach the battery and reattach it and I got the aforementioned error. I took it apart again, detached the battery, detached the hard drive, cleaned out some dust that seemed to enter my lungs, and reattached all and it worked.

If you have any problems with your older ipod, do not hesitate to buy some cheap parts for it overseas! I think the battery was $3, headphone jack/hold button was $0.99, and a faceplate was $5. Sometimes the faceplate will break when you take it apart, so always have a back up! There's not many parts inside, so it's always an easy troubleshootin process..and you feel like the bob vila of ipods afterwards."