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Can anyone help me identify which wires go to the left, Right,Ground

Can anyone help me identify which wires go to the left, Right,Ground

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bert [Entry]

The cable broke after 2 years of use, so I had to replace it. This is how I did it:
bert [Entry]

"I'm a pro audio/ lighting person and I can attest that all of the above answers are correct. I was looking to remove the switch and volume control knob on my pair because of a crappy pot that has been crackling since I bought the cans, otherwise these are totally acceptable computer headphones. I stripped the wires and found the mic red+/copper(ground) cables in the black sheath, as well as the right(green) and left(blue) cables for the cans, plus the speaker ground which is two stripey cables before the switch, and one after. A couple of observations:

1. The shielding on these are crazy thin clear plastic, so much that you don't really need to try to get that off before soldering, assuming you have a high enough heat soldering iron.

2. After removing the switch I cracked it open and it's got more than just a pot and a simple switch in it, although I didn't look that closely. I am getting significantly more gain out of the headset after removing it, and I don't have the problem where it crackles and one ear cuts off."
bert [Entry]

"Well I think I figured it out now:

The 2 headphones are connected in series (white cable) and the mic is connected separately (black cable).

Both black and white cable are connected to the headphone input jack.

I call the headphone piece in your image the left piece.

The connectors on the left headphone piece I call 1 to 3 from left to right:

1.) Left headphone V+

2.) GND

3.) Right headphone V+ (it's just soldered there to hold it in place, it's not actually connected to left headphone)

The wiring to the jack is exactly as on the photograph of @jayeff"
bert [Entry]

"I'm really struggling! We bought these Cloud II headphones for my 10 year old who has just accidentally pulled the wire out of the left head piece. I'm happy to solder the wires back....but my wires are different colours to the colours you all seem to quote?!

We have copper, copper/ red, green/silver and blue!

Please give me a clue of what goes where?!!!"