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Fixing an iPod Touch from water damage

Fixing an iPod Touch from water damage

I found my son's iPod Touch in the washer machine after the machine had completed it's full cycle.....needless to say, it was submerged at least part of the time.

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I fixed mmy ipod touch by immediately soaking the device in 90% rubbing alcohol. This removes the water immediately. Actually I put it in a sealed plastic container with about 200ml of alcohol for about an hour. You need to get the water out asap since there is a battery with charge on it and you are fighting corrosion. Then I dried it in a food dehydrator at 120°F for 24 hours then docked it to my computer and wows it worked. It went through a full wash cycle and was very scratched and the screed had some minor blemishes but it works again.
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I have fixed lots of cellphones and ipods by immersing the item in rubbing alcohol for at least 15 minutes to completely get the alcohol in all parts of the item; then completely drying the item; even using a hair dryer. allow 24 hours of drying before attempting to charge the battery. this protocol was suggested to me by an Apple technician in the Annapolis Valley of NS, Canada. Lots of my friends have used it and saved many cellphones, mp3 players, ipods.
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"Why not rice? because rice removes the moisture inadequately and temporarily. There are chemicals in water tap water and especially in soapy water. Chemicals left behind may absorb moisture from the air and continue to corrode the metals inside. If the device is not properly cleaned, it will eventually fail!

Even alcohol is not entirely safe because alcohol usually contains a small amount of water and will absorb more from the air.

Nail polish remover and acetone should not be used on plastic items because they are very strong plastic solvents and may dissolve protective coatings and weaken plastics inside the device.

Get a professional to disassemble and thoroughly clean and dry otherwise because the device may fail unexpectedly and permanently even years later. This happened to a close friend who didn't backup her device. Avoid tragedy! Back up your device frequently!"
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"Hi, yes some folks also use a vacuum chamber which also gets the water out from inside the panel.

I've also tried the following to fix corroded logic boards which are otherwise trashed, white vinegar with a very small amount of Lo-Salt (potassium chloride) and hydrogen peroxide which got the corrosion off the two test boards enough to use them again though the connector closest to the battery needed microsoldering.

It also works on dead SD cards after they have gone for a swim."