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How do I get the cameras to work again?

How do I get the cameras to work again?

I have had this phone for 2 months and both cameras stopped working. I try opening the app and it instantly dies and goes back to the home screen. Also on snapchat the screen shows up black and will not show anything that the lens would be showing.

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bert [Entry]

"Hi Buddy

My HTC Camera is not working at all, when i tried to open the camera it open and it shows black screen and then after sometime it comes to home scree.

Can you tell me how to rectify this issue.


bert [Entry]

"try doing a hard restart . please update the phone software ,

please close all other background app and rsetart the system .

for more follow Guide - steps fix to Phone Camera in phone and try to see if this helps to fix the camera"
bert [Entry]

"Hey Jacob, here are some things things that I recommend you try:

-Try to 'clear data' under 'camera' in app manager.

-If you're using Lastpass try and do a factory rest.

- If you are using the Lastpass option ""Enable fill into apps"" and turn it on in accessibility settings then the camera issue might be there. Maybe if you turn it off camera works fine.

-Let me know what happens.

-Hope this helped"
bert [Entry]

"SUCCESS!!! first of all thank you for all the suggested solutions. What worked for me? Someone suggested that we should find the apps that use the camera and disable them and VIOLA!!!! that worked for me.

go to settings

then apps

click on each app and scroll to the bottom of each app (each one has to be done individually)

under permissions if the camera is listed you scroll back up and disable the app.

i did not disable messenger though


bert [Entry]

"Guys, this is the solution. It worked in my phone.

go to settings then to applications. See which application is using the camera then force stop or disable it. For my case, I forced stop the application called privacy guard and my camera worked perfectly henceforth."
bert [Entry]

I turned off phone took battery out blew off any dust put battery back and cover it started to work again