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iPod Touch 5th Wont Turn On After Screen Repair

iPod Touch 5th Wont Turn On After Screen Repair

Hi I just replaced my screen on my ipod touch 5th gen and i connect all the ribbon chords and every thing and when i connect one of the ribbons from the screen to the motherboard the motherboard starts to get hot! The screen isnt actually fully on, I wanted to make sure it turned on before I snapped it back in place. Any ideas? When I disconnect the ribbon the temp goes down. Screen is an OEM screen from Apple. I read somewhere, and i have personally have done it, that you can short the battery on the ipod touch 4th and it fixes it but im not sure on the 5th.

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bert [Entry]

The same thing just happened to me...I am working on on a touch 5th. I just replaced the front screen and now the thing doesnt turn on. All Cables and solder points are intact. Not sure what to do at this point..
bert [Entry]

"I have a similar issue I am hoping for help on.

Replaced the screen with a new one and now all i get is a black screen. If i connect to iTunes it registers and I can see it there. I can get Siri to work and hear the camera snapping but all the time the screen is black.

I replaced it again with another new screen and it's still black. getting worried now as customer wants to to take it on Holiday tonight?

Any suggestions?

I have tried restoring it as well,

Tried the power and home button press for 20 secs as well but no joy.


still no help with this? I suspect something is shorting whilst completing the repair due to accidentally switching it on. I think it must be the LCD driver or coil that has burnt out and may attempt to replace it. will report back when I do."
bert [Entry]

holding power and home for about 15 second worked for me
bert [Entry]

I got the home and power button to work but now the touch screen doesn't work. I'm thinking maybe an eastwing hammer and an anvil next. This will definitely make it not need a screen repair anymore!