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The controller and the drone unit will not connect?

The controller and the drone unit will not connect?

Batteries are charged on drone and remote batteries are new. Had a problem with a wire coming loose from the pc board that connected a motor. I repaired that and checked the motor before closing up the unit. Drone functioned perfectly. I closed up the unit and now the controller and the drone will not connect. I have followed the suggested procedure for connecting the unit before flight and still nothing. This is a sharper image dx-2 stunt drone Any idea what could be wrong?

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bert [Entry]

"My 2 cents….

Somehow, it's possible the crystal on your fc when batty… don't ask how, why or whatever…. Change the crystal on fc. That should hopefully fix your pairing problem.

But! Make sure you replace it with the same value crystal.

Anytime I've gotten some stupid idea to drop $20 on a toy quad, it never fails… I always end having to replace crystal with new. Smh.

Helpful friendly advise…

Save up just a little more money… get you an entry-level name brand RTF kit for like nada to really get you in the right direction.

From there… the sky is literally the limit.

Good luck.

Have fun!"
bert [Entry]

I have charged the drone. But the remote control will not fly it. Meaning… the red button won’t pop up when I switch it to on and when I try to use it…it will not fly..,any suggestions ?
bert [Entry]

"Hi, I was having the same problem with my dx-2 I took a part the remote and everything was fine, but still with the problem of not connection, but did like a external push ( hit the each blade with your finger to make it rotate)to the dx2 blade when still on with the controller on also,and it work my dx2 is flaying again.

Remember hit as you hit a marble but softly and trying the controller to mait flaying .

P.S. recharge the drone to get a full battery power.

Good lock

bert [Entry]

Can i fly my DX-2 drone without a controler. Can i just use my andiod phone
bert [Entry]

"In order to fly the drones, all you need to do is simply download the android mobile phone app and sync it with the drone and you are set. ... The best thing about this particular drone is that it can be easily controlled by either the android app or the remote controller, which makes it a flexible choice.

Try 360 flight app in android play store"