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Which relay on fuse block is for the fuel pump?

Which relay on fuse block is for the fuel pump?

Not getting fuel to motor. Don't hear fuel pump when turn key on. Fuse is good on fuse block. Thought there might be a relay. Also looking for a repair manual in anticipation of replacing the fuel pump. Any help with testing circuit greatly appreciated.Is there a way to put power directly to fuel pump?

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"Fuel pump relay is white but not upper right thats egi electronic

gas injection

Fuel pump relay is labeled circuit relay

2001 626 4cyl"
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The injector 40 amp fuse and egi relay work together if fuse is blown under the hood it will not pump fuel.
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"can help with diagram?

Update (11/08/2016)

can someone help with diagram?

where I can get ""wiring diagram"""
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I have a 06 Mazda Tribute manual transmission when I’m driving it turns off on me and there is no power at all. What can it be?