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All you tube videos are three wire lid switch harnesses​

All you tube videos are three wire lid switch harnesses​

All the YouTube videos on bypassing​ the lid switch on my Kenmore washer are three wire harnesses​ and mine is a four wire harness and all the videos show that you unplug from the switch itself mine don't so can you not bypass it


"@grim69 according to your model number, this should be the lid switch for your machine.

Should yours look different you want to take some images and post those with your question. For that use this guide. You should also run the diagnostics test to make sure that it truly is a lid switch error. This document Kenmore 1105072011 Washer will show you how to get into diagnostics mode and what the results mean.

By the schematic it looks like placing a jumper (careful there is 120V on that line) between #4 and #3 on the lid switch will bypass it. The blinking of the sensor light sure makes it sounds like you do have a faulty lid switch."

"@grim69 , Eddie lynn, The door lock assembly might be defective check and replace if damaged (some of these switch assy start coming apart at the seam joint,see the 3rd link), also check door strike assembly for damage and replace if cracked/damaged. Last link is how to put into diagnostic mode to get error code to help diagnose fault. See links below for more info and how to. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.





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