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Ice maker not making enough ice

Ice maker not making enough ice I have a GE dshs5pgxaess side by side refrigerator. We have noticed that it is not making enough ice (barely enough to fill a couple of glasses). I pulled it out vac’d a little dust out, unplugged to see if maybe the ice maker needed to reset. Have freezer set at 0 and refrigerator set at 38. All I have to read temp is a gauge for car ac. It shows freezer at 30 and refrigerator at 48ish . The front display shows the temps are at 0 in freezer and 48 in refrigerator. I don’t know where else to look. I do hear it running. I checked the water line and it is ok. Fan on back bottom left is turning fine. Took the ice cream out and it is very soft.Please help. BTW-I do not know how to work a voltage meter.

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Hi @poppens2

Check if you can hear the evaporator fan running inside the freezer compartment.

There is a compressor fan at the back outside the unit that may be running so don't get confused.

The evaporator fan stops when a door is opened and starts when all the doors are closed. You may have to press your ear against the fridge to hear it.

If you can’t hear it at all, it may be that the evaporator and the evaporator fan is iced up preventing the flow of cold air through the freezer and fridge to get the fridge and freezer sections to the desired operating temps.

The evaporator unit and fan are behind a panel at the back, inside the freezer compartment. You need to switch off the power to the fridge and then remove the panel to see if it is iced over or not.

Depending on the state of the evaporator unit, iced up or not, then determines what to do next.

Here’s a link to the parts in a the freezer section, which may be of some help in showing you where things are."