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Is it worth to replace the motherboard

Is it worth to replace the motherboard

I bought a used 2010 MacBook Pro 17' in Dec. its been upgraded to a 1 TB toshiba solid state hard drive. It has every know program you can think of including a complete WINDOWS operating system you can switch to- software alone is about 3 or 4 grand. Problem is mother board went. Is this worth fixing it. Will I encounter other problems. Before it went had a lot of overheating problems but turned out the first shop who claimed they fixed the mother board just a put a penny under the video card to get going.

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I've had great success baking a couple of the 17" boards. Both had overheated, fans were clogged. You have nothing to loose if you intend on replacing it. Other option is to send it out to be repaired, cost lest than a board.
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"I have a Macbook pro 2010. The battery was swollen. Replaced it. But it was swollen very bad. Anyway when i replaced it the screen will go to login and thats it

Ant suggestions?"