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Its not charging and no lights are working

Its not charging and no lights are working

When I go to plug it in to charge it it doesn't work nothing happens no light or anything pops up



Try the following checks to see if the problem is in the charger, the charger cable or the speaker.

1. Connect the speaker with the charger USB cable to a USB port on a working PC/laptop. (the user guide shows that the charger cable, USB cable standard plug charger end, micro USB plug speaker end, can be unplugged from the charger).

If the speaker charging light comes on then the charger is faulty and needs to be replaced.

You can charge the speaker by connecting it to a PC/laptop, however it will take longer to fully charge as there is less current being supplied by the PC/laptop than the charger. You can also use any charger e.g. from a mobile phone, provided it has an output (printed on the charger) of 5VDC (definitely not more or less) and a current output of 0.5-1.0A (500mA-1000mA) and that it has a micro USB connector.

2. Connect a different USB cable between the PC/laptop and the speaker.

If the speaker charging light comes on then the USB cable is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If the speaker charging light still doesn't come on after trying the above checks then the problem is in the speaker. It could be the speaker charging port, the charging circuit or the battery. The speaker will have to be opened and checked to ascertain what the problem is."

"Unit plugged in but no lights, no turning on? Try this:

- Plug soundlink in to wall charger

- Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds.

- Then, BEFORE releasing the play/pause button, unplug the charge cord from the unit.

- Release the button,

- Plug the unit back into the wall charger.

- Press the power button, and your unit should power on."

My solution is as follows, turn on your PC and open the Bose update page, connect your speaker to the PC, the page will probably say your software is up to date. Next, press the following keys A, D, V, Arrow up, Arrow down. The page should then change and say it is downloading the latest software. Soon your flashing red light will change to Orange and you should hopefully get your speaker back. It worked for me, hope it works for you.

I had the same problem on both my Soundlink Revolve. It would go down to blinking red, but then refuse to charge. This appears to be one of the issues:

There is a software update for this device. You can try to update it here. It fixed my issue:. http://btu.bose.com/#section=start

The above fixes didn’t work for me unfortunately. What worked in the end was connecting the speaker to my laptop via the USB cable and scanning for updates via the Bose website. This seems to have ‘kick-started’ it and it has started charging again.

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