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No audio after replacing headphone / hold jack

No audio after replacing headphone / hold jack

I bought a replacement headphone/hold cable for my 80GB iPod Video after not hearing any audio and it still does not work. I get the 'clicks' through the piezo speaker when I spin the click wheel whether I have headphones attached or not. Same thing when I am plugged into a dock connector and have the headphones plugged into the dock.


"It sounds like the audio processor is bad. The audio processor is located in the bottom right corner of the iPod between the click wheel and the bottom corner. Try playing music using the headphones while squeezing the face plate and the metal back at bottom right corner. You will likely hear some audio. Unfortunately this audio processor is not replaceable unless you know how to deal with the microscopic connections.

Try to find another 5th Gen with a malfunctioning hard drive and use the logic board as a replacement.

Hope this helps. Good luck."

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