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One headphone does not work

One headphone does not work
I only listen to the tv in mono with one headphone, not in stereo with both headphones. I already checked the electrical connection between both headphones. I changed also the battery, but still the same. Any idea what is wrong and how to fix it will be higly appreciated. Thanks


Spray contact cleaner onto volume control and run volume control back and forth several times, which should fix your problem.
i basically have tried everything possible new connection lead eg phono leads combined with input lead for audio cable on base unit plugged into tv via audio jacks red and white jack sockets true connection there but green transmitter light keeps going off when i bang bottom of base unit comes back on after several attempts but only stays on for short period of time before going off again when green light is on tried to tune in on all channels on base unit but not getting anything only tuning noise and loud static discharge noise charged batteries fully for 18 hrs as required still no joy any ideas pls as to how to tune my rs 120 wireless headset to tv in this case what could be possible problem as to why cant tune headset to my tv any help appreciated ty william in stoke on trent

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