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smok x-priv shows no atomizer

smok x-priv shows no atomizer
I have the smok x-priv with 2 batteries that work perfectly fine, and a smok TFV8 prince top. The batteries and top work in all other mods of mine… except for the x-priv I have. Any time I put any kind of atomizer, weather it's a tank, rda, rdta, whatever that I was literally just using on a different mod. But when I put full batteries and any kind of top on it, it says 0 ohms, 0 voltage, 0 puff, and .9 time. I click the firing button, and it gives me no atomizer. It simply won't fire! The atomizer is fine, and the batteries are fine. The x-priv just got big dumb… HELP?!?!?!?!?


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