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Stuck on Very Low Battery message

Stuck on Very Low Battery message

My 30 GB 5th Gen iPod gets stuck at the "Very Low Battery" screen, and won't boot up. iTunes won't recognize it, resetting doesn't help, and I can leave it charging for days and it'll still say "Very Low Battery".


My iPod Classic 5G 30 GB is over 11 years old, came up with the "Please Wait, Very Low Battery" message, very faintly. The faint Apple icon would come on sometimes, but the iPod wouldn't play or charge. I ordered a new battery, but, in the meantime, found a fix on line, implemented last night. I held down the upper ring and center button for ten+ seconds, until the faint Apple icon came on, then plugged it into a wall charger; After a bit, the bright Apple logo came on and remained for about 30 seconds; I left the iPod charging overnight and was pleased/thrilled to find the battery icon and 'Charged' on the screen. It boots up to the 'menu' screen, syncs with our old iMac and plays in our Sony dock. I reckon the iPod had its battery run down too low and got stuck.

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