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Timer won't advance through cycles

Timer won't advance through cycles

All cycles work on the washing machine if I advance the knob by hand otherwise it just continues on the cycle that it is on it will not automatically advance. Is the timer some how broken?


The timer is used to control all of the functions of the washer. The timer will have a series of electrical contacts that are operated by a cam assembly which is advanced by a timer motor. Some of the contacts in the timer are used to control the timer motor. If the timer on your washer will not advance, the timer or timer motor may be at fault. You can test the timer contacts for continuity with a multi-meter but you will require the electrical schematic to determine the correct terminals to check. You can also check the timer motor for continuity with the multi-meter as well. On most brands of washing machines, the timer motor is not available separately. Remove power from the appliance before attempting this test.

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