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What does this code mean?

What does this code mean?

My dryer stays on for about 2 mins and then shuts off with a E2 code flashing. What does that mean?


"nancymerva take a look at this answer What does E2 mean and how to fix it and here are the locations of the parts to check.

This video shows how to change it. You most likely do not have to get into this repair to deep if you have the tools to reach the screws and small enough hands to get there. At 1:46 you can see the thermistor and should get to it. Thermistor is the most common cause for the E2 as @ajcooke02 pointed out correctly"

"The ""E2"" error code indicates a shorted thermistor. The thermistor is a component that the control board monitors in order to regulate the operating temperatures. The thermistor is a component that changes its resistance value according to temperature. If the control board does recognize a certain range of resistance of the thermistor, the control board will stop the dryer and display ""E2"".

Sears sells the part here"

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