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Why is my Airpod case not turning on or connecting to my phone?

Why is my Airpod case not turning on or connecting to my phone?

I got Airpods in early March and they've been working and feeling great. I dampened them with a moist towelette which might be the problem. I charged them overnight, but it the morning when I opened the case the small light did not light up green, orange, or white and my phone did not connect to them automatically or manually. It may be a charger cord problem. The outlet was doing well with other devices.


If you haven't tripped possible LSI (liquid submersion indicators) and voided the warranty, take them to Apple and request a repair, they are under warranty. You will void the warranty if you try to repair them yourself. If Apple turns you down, then your warranty has been voided and it doesn't matter if you attempt a repair.


My AirPods were 100% dead. No green/amber/white light, nothing. I had a full battery from the previous day, so it made no sense whatsoever.

Tried pressing/holding the reset button. Didn’t work.Tried plugging in the charger. Also, nothing.Got the AirPods off the case, repeated the process. Nope, still not working.Finally, I placed my AirPods on the wireless charger I use every once in a while. 1 second later, the green light shows up. My AirPods are back to life.

It ended up being a weird bug. Good luck to everyone else!"

*Get another AirPods case and charge YOUR AirPods units in another case to determine if your case, or either AirPod is bad.*

Basically throw them out the &&^&^$^ window and get a new pair…. No im joking i have encountered an isssue in which the case is determined to be at a status of being dead, and even when put on charge there is no way the case is turning back on. Honestly will consider returning item. I will try fix tonight and if i do i will update you guys. Its just pretty $@$*!& that after 3 months, £200 bluetooth headphones can &&^&^$^ go through so many errors. Tbf it well feels like i have been &&^&@@ over by Apple but will find solution and update

Guys, I'm having this problem too. My airpods were just acting normally untill one day battery drained to 0 and now I can no longer use them. When I plug charger no response. No light. No sign of life. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Can you guys help me out? Is there anything promising or they are finally dead?

I think you have to press button on the back of the charging case. The pairing with the iPhone part I don’t know.

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