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Will Drain but Won't Spin

Will Drain but Won't Spin

I have a Kenmore Washer model number 110.21302010. It will get to the final Drain/Spin part of the cycle and will drain and drain and drain (I can hear the motor trying to suck out all of the water) but it won't ever spin. Clothes are wet. I've tried going to the Rinse/Spin cycle as well as the Drain/Spin cycle and it never gets to spinning.


Have you tried using a shop vac to suck the water from the pump drain hose? Some times there can be a build up within the pump housing and/or drain hose that can restrict the water from being ejected properly. Also the home drain lines can get clogged at the P-trap with sediment from years of build up as well. Try removing the machine’s drain hose and sucking that out as well. You may be surprised at what come out of the shop vac.

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