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Give a brief history or remarkable ideas during the medieval period a.d. 450-1300

Give a brief history or remarkable ideas during the medieval period a.d. 450-1300

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"To Give a brief history or remarkable ideas during the medieval period a.d. 450-1300. First let us learn about the Medieval Period.

The Medieval period was named several things, the Dark Ages, that marked the beginning of the Medieval period, in which, the world became engulfed in darkness after the fall of Rome with no knowledge and no great leaders, thus the name the Dark ages. At some point in time the Dark ages became the Middle ages. The middle ages where things started to grow again and flourish, things have become more complex and the advancement of science and technology were brought closer to light.

After the fall of Rome, the Catholic Church took over and rose to power during the Middle ages or the Medieval period. During this time, the Catholic church was the most powerful organization in ancient civilization.  Kings, Queens and rulers of various lands were under the power of the church.  It was not long after during that a King was born that his ideals are completely aligned with the Church and the King's name is Charlemagne.

It was also during this time that offerings from citizens were required by the church. 10% of their earnings a year must be given to the church and the only ones exempt from this tax was the church. By developing these policies the Catholic church only grew to be a much more larger and powerful organization.

The Islam of the Middle Ages:

During the Medieval period, the Catholic church was not the only religion that was both amassing in power and numbers, the Muslims from the religion of Islam were much more larger in number than compared to the Catholics of that time. Islamic armies conquered the majority of the Middle East, with there ever increasing number and high conversion rates, due to the threat of life that they bring if one refuses to convert to their religion. Somehow, during that time, the Muslims have gained papers and research materials on various inventions that they have adapted from the Chinese people, these inventions are:

Pinhole Camera
Surgical instruments
Numeral systems
Flying machines

At that time, the Muslims were quite advanced that proved to be a great threat and source of trouble for the Catholics.

Crusades: The Middle Ages

The Medieval period has become quite popular today because of the Crusades or the so-called Holy War. The battle between the Catholics and the Muslims. Catholic soldiers were sent out by the Catholic church to kill the Muslims who they consider as ''infidels'', while Muslims, also shared the same sentiment. Each side believing that this war is Holy and any crime they commit would be erased and they would all go to Heaven, in the case of the Muslims, their paradise, where they would be greeted by 40 virgins. The soldiers morale were also boosted by granting them material rewards such as money and treasure. Also, they were given various authorities and exemptions from the Pope. They were deluded to take part in the war, for both sides, it only caused tremendous bloodshed.

The art of the Middle Ages

Architecture was heavily introduced during this period. With the ever growing number of Catholics, the demand for new buildings such as monasteries,  cathedrals and other ecclesiastical infrastructures were built. Architecture as of today is still well-practiced thanks to its discovery and usage during the Medieval period.


Are the main components of the beautiful art that the Medieval period has left for us.

The Society and Economics during the Middle Ages

Farming was greatly improved during the Medieval period. The society adapted feudalism which allowed the slaves to live on protected land under their lord's domain. In this land, these slaves, called as ''serfs'' would work for the lord of the land by tending to his land by planting and growing crops, in exchange for a home and protection. This kind of idea, influenced the modern society regarding land reform.

To summarize the remarkable ideas that the Medieval brought for our time:

Imposition of taxes
The idea that the church is separate from the State, thus the exemption of taxes
Inventions and development of technology
Land Reform

If you're still curious about the medieval period and the deeper topics that I haven't discussed, please check out the following links for additional reference and information: