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How to Close Your Metrobank Credit Card Account?

Are you having problems with your Metrobank Credit Card? Such as getting refused too often by some merchants? Or you're having difficulty maintaining your credit card bills and its many fees/charges. You might think that closing or terminating your Metrobank credit card is easy. You must consider the following things before closing it. You must pay off the balance first. If you want to cancel or close your credit card and it still has a balance on it, you might end up paying annoying charges or high interest rates. Metrobank will not close or terminate your credit card account if you don't settle your bills first.
How to Close Metrobank Credit Card Account

After you fully pay your bills, you may call Metrobank Customer Service Representative to close your credit card account:

For Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard
Call (02) 898-7088 or 1-800-10-8700755 (Domestic Toll-Free)
Or email customerservice@rcpgo-card.com

For Platinum MasterCard
Call (02) 870-0707 or 1-800-1-888-5775 (Domestic Toll-Free), +800-8700-0707 (International Toll Free)
Or email customerservice@metrobankcard.com

For Metrobank Femme Visa and other Metrobank Credit Cards
Call (02) 870-0700 or 1-800-1-888-5775 (Domestic Toll-Free)
Or email customerservice@metrobankcard.com

You may find it quicker calling a Customer Service Representative. While sending a message thru email may take a little longer for a Customer Service Representative to reply.

If you want to avoid call charges, you may visit a Metrobank branch or your branch of account (where you've opened the credit card account) to close your credit card account.

Remember: Termination of your Metrobank Credit Card account shall take effect on or before the 8th day after satisfying their conditions (payment of bills/balance). It's also required to cancel your enrolled bills with your corresponding merchants.

Take note, it's easier to close your credit card account (given that you pay your bills/balance) than to open one.

Avoiding credit cards is one of the effective ways of controlling compulsive spending. It's so easy to purchase thru credit card on things you don't really need but it's so difficult to pay them if your overall expenses exceeds your income. So, manage your finances wisely.

What's your reason why you want to cancel or close your Metrobank credit card account?

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reggie   (19 August 2019 3:14 PM) [Entry]

Dorme B. Mapoy   (20 February 2019 1:12 PM) [Entry]

I want to settle my Metrobank credit card account
Sittie wahnna lumna   (11 January 2019 1:54 PM) [Entry]

I want to closed my metrobank credit card account
ROMULO A. BRITANICO   (27 May 2018 7:59 AM) [Entry]

Kindly give me a status of my metrobank credit card.Thank you.
quirino,quirong s.   (11 April 2018 8:33 AM) [Entry]

hi, can i get my e-mail application for my credit card cancelation tnx..
OLIVER ORLANDO CASTILLO   (17 June 2017 5:38 AM) [Entry]

Hi there!

I asked the Branch Manager in Metrobank NAIC to cancel/ deactivate immediately my CREDIT CARD. Never thought its still active, and therefore was charged for the annual fee of P1500 last year. I m now in USA for good and have no intention of using such. Kindly TERMINATE it the soonest.


Eve   (15 June 2017 8:48 AM) [Entry]

What is the customer number for metro bank credit card. I want to close my account.
Jay Richard Te Chua   (26 January 2017 7:27 PM) [Entry]

Why do i keep on recieving a bill. I already surrendered my card last year..please review my case
leslie a diones   (26 October 2016 7:13 AM) [Entry]

please close may visa card let me know how much should i pay
leslie a diones   (26 October 2016 6:46 AM) [Entry]

please how many times i called hot line to close may account may robinson's card and they said i pay the amount of 3,200 so that they can close may visa until now i till got many credit to this visa card w/c i did not use for many months ago please close this visa card for me thank you
Lynie M. Gumalang   (24 October 2016 9:50 AM) [Entry]

Hi,I'm Lynie M. Gumalang and i want to cut-off my insurance. I hope for your immediate feedback and you can reach my mobile no.09107664065 . Thank you.
Rosalie Otlang   (15 September 2016 1:46 PM) [Entry]

I want to close my credit card too, I lost my credit card in Philippines, and some people they used my credit card in online shopping. But how I close my account I'm here in Taiwan now please help me thank you.
ELMER P HERNANDEZ   (10 July 2016 6:15 PM) [Entry]

I want my metrobank credit card # 4055987675024008 cancelled due to I don't have the capacity to pay anymore. I no longer have any outstanding bill anymore except the annual fee. Sorry but it seems that I was misinformed when I applied for the card, I thought that no annual fee will be charged on me. Again, Thank you for giving me the chance to have one.
JENNELY ALMONTE   (05 May 2016 2:09 PM) [Entry]

Arnold libona   (11 February 2016 1:23 PM) [Entry]

How to close my metrobank credit card
Tats   (22 October 2015 12:18 PM) [Entry]

Very helpful! Will pay my balance now and will have it cancelled immediately.