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How to Link Metrobank Account to Paypal Account?

Aren't you aware that you can actually add or link your Metrobank account (atm or passbook) to your Paypal account. You can now avoid the hassle of having a Unionbank EON card.

Like me, I have a Unionbank EON card but my city where I live doesn't have a Unionbank branch. So, it's a hassle to go to another city which is a one-hour travel just to deposit money to my EON account.
Metrobank has expanding aggressively across the Philippines. Fortunate for me that we have a Metrobank branch in our city.

So, if you own a Metrobank account, you have the opportunity to avail the great services Paypal offers. Here's a simple guide on how to add or link your Metrobank account to your Paypal account.

Don't worry it's free. Paypal doesn't charge you a cent or a peso from your bank account in linking your Metrobank account.

But take note. This METHOD is LINKING A BANK ACCOUNT (your Metrobank Account) to Paypal Account which allows you to withdraw your funds/money from your Paypal Account to your Metrobank Account.

Take note of that. It allows transfer of money from your Paypal Account to your Metrobank account and not for online purchases or online payments.

Step 1

First is you should have a Paypal account. If you don't have, you can register or sign-up on Paypal's website (https://www.paypal.com).

Step 2

Log-in to your Paypal account. Go to Banks and cards >
Link Metrobank account to Paypal account

Step 3

Under Bank accounts, click the Link a bank account button [+].
Link Metrobank account to Paypal account

Step 4

You will be redirected to another page where you are going to fill-out a form (Add a bank account in Philippines).
Add Metrobank account to Paypal account
Enter the following details in the fields:
  • Country: Philippines
  • Name on account: Your name
  • Bank name: Metrobank
  • Bank code: 010269996
  • Account number: your Metrobank account number
  • Re-enter account number: enter again your Metrobank account number
Then click the Continue button.

Step 5

You will be notified to review your bank account information. As you can read in the screenshot below, "Please make sure your information is correct and complete. Otherwise, transfers to and from your Paypal account will be returned. A return fee of P250.00 PHP will apply, and your bank may charge additional fees".
Review linking of Metrobank account to Paypal account
After careful checking of the bank account information, click the Save button.

Step 6

As you can read in the screenshot below: "You can now transfer funds to and from your Paypal account to your bank account in Philippines".
Add Metrobank account to Paypal account
You will receive a message to your email that confirms the successful linking of your Metrobank account to your Paypal account.
Are you having any problems linking your Metrobank account to your Paypal account?

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ezekile   (11 March 2019 12:36 PM) [Entry]

pano po format ng account number pag nilink sa paypal? 16digit ung requirement pero 13 digit lang meron sa metrobank

am   (22 February 2019 6:24 AM) [Entry]

can i add my metrobank to my US paypal account?thank you having a hard figuring it out

Edlyn Agamata   (26 November 2018 7:29 AM) [Entry]

I just want to asked I don't know what could be the problem but to my dismay my account on Metrobank was deducted 600php. i just link it to my paypal.

Sophia Wyn Coste   (20 November 2018 2:11 PM) [Entry]

can you link and withdraw funds using Metrobank's prepaid card? Metrobank suggested I should try using a prepaid card.

ErnestPH   (03 November 2018 4:44 AM) [Entry]


I would like to inform you that the author of this post is more knowledgeable than a Metrobank agent I just called last night. He has no idea that Metrobank is compatible with PayPal or he is not sure at all. I hope Metrobank will have a dedicated support or at least train their agents like UnionBank did.


Kristeen   (19 October 2018 2:25 AM) [Entry]

I just did the above instruction to LINK my account AS BANK ACCOUNT and NOT AS DEBIT/CREDIT/MASTER CARD. And I did receive a confirmation on my email that I may now TRANSFER FROM PAYPAL TO MY BANK ACCOUNT. That's for me to find out!

Admin, have you tried transferring money from Paypal to Bank account?
Was it successful?
Do they charge a fee?
How long did it take for money to get to the bank account?

Thanks for sharing your post. Will look forward to your further response to my query.

Gab   (22 August 2018 8:07 PM) [Entry]

When I transfer my funds from paypal to my metrobank account, will i be able to withdraw the money via ATM? And is there a fee or charge everytime I transfer funds?

Hanna   (14 July 2018 1:18 PM) [Entry]

The prob is, paypal requires 16-digit acct number but metrobank only has 13. Metrobank employee told me to add 003 or 000 at the end but to no avail. I was charged 750 pesos already for 3 failed bank transfer.

admin   (14 July 2018 7:39 PM) [Entry]

Hanna, try to enter 13 digits only. Because I entered 13-digits and it was successful.

Janey   (02 June 2018 9:49 AM) [Entry]

Hi. I linked my Metrobank debit card to my Paypal account under 'bank account' and linked it again as a debit/credit card. Will this affect the transfer? It bounced back and returned my money to my account after deducting P250. Now I'm not sure if I can transfer properly. What are the usual reasons as to why a transfer gets cancelled? What should I do?

Wayne   (15 August 2017 9:47 PM) [Entry]

Hi! Is there any deductions everytime I will receive payment using my Metrobank card from Paypal account?

admin   (31 March 2018 11:35 AM) [Entry]

Wayne, no deductions everytime you withdraw.

Elle   (10 July 2017 6:11 PM) [Entry]

I'm getting this error same with Mike below. I tried adding but won't work.

"We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date."

Mike   (21 June 2017 4:37 PM) [Entry]

I followed your instructions carefully. But PayPal says "We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.".

Do you know why this happens? Please point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Rog   (20 May 2017 3:31 PM) [Entry]

Hello, how to change the type of account. Mine says the account is "current" when it should be a "savings" account. TIA

mike   (28 April 2017 11:06 PM) [Entry]

how to trnasfer funds from my registered bank account to paypal?

Keiji   (22 February 2017 11:08 PM) [Entry]

Mababawasan ba ng 250pesos ang account ko?

Rommel   (10 October 2016 12:47 PM) [Entry]

Is it possible to link a Metrobank Joint Savings account with paypal?

Mj   (04 September 2016 1:23 PM) [Entry]

Hi. Should I include my middle initial for the name on the account? Because I already linked my metrobank atm but after a week metrobank declined the transfer. Thanks.

Leah   (01 September 2016 7:52 AM) [Entry]

Can I link my atm Metrobank card that was provided by my Company where I work before?
Thank you!!