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Linking Paypal Account to Metrobank ATM Account?

You maybe thinking that a Metrobank ATM Card (with MasterCard logo) or any type of Metrobank ATM Debit card can be linked to your Paypal Account. The truth is:
  • It's possible to link or add your Metrobank Account as BANK ACCOUNT to your Paypal Account but it's not possible to link or add your Metrobank Account as CREDIT/DEBIT CARD to your Paypal Account
Paypal has two options for linking your bank account to Paypal Account:
  1. Add your Metrobank Account as BANK ACCOUNT to your Paypal Account - which allows you to withdraw or transfer your funds from your Paypal Account to your Metrobank Account.
  2. The other one is add your Metrobank Account as CREDIT/DEBIT Card to your Paypal Account - which allows you for online purchases or online payments.
The second option is not possible or not allowed in Paypal.
Why? Because Metrobank doesn't allow such linking or adding as CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. Read my case below on how I was being denied by Metrobank to link to Paypal and how my money on my Metrobank ATM account was deducted or should I say wasted during the linking process.
Metrobank ATM Card that bears the MasterCard logo
Metrobank ATM Card
This was the Metrobank ATM card (with MasterCard logo) I used when trying to link to my Paypal Account. I'll enumerate the steps I've made when linking:
1.  I logged in to my Paypal Account and go to Profile --> Add/Edit Credit Card.
Link Metrobank ATM to Paypal Account
2.  Then, I filled-out the form below.
Add Metrobank Account to Paypal
3.  As you can see in the photo below, my Metrobank ATM account had been successfully added to my Paypal Account but it was not yet confirmed or verified. I need to confirm my Metrobank ATM in order to use it for online transactions. If unconfirmed, it cannot be used. Useless.
Adding of Metrobank ATM to Paypal Account
4.  When I clicked the Confirm My Card link (to confirm my Metrobank ATM account), I got an Error Message which says, "The Card Verification System used by Paypal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience."
Confirm Metrobank ATM Account to Paypal Account
Card Verification System Unavailable in Paypal
5.  I logged-in to my Metrobank online banking account (https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/) and checked if there were changes or deductions on my account. I noticed that my Metrobank account was deducted with Php 44.60.
6.  In my Paypal account, I tried several times confirming my Metrobank ATM card but the same Error Message appeared (failed). So I rechecked the details of my Metrobank account added to my Paypal Account. I edited the expiration date/year. But actually I didn't changed the expiration date/year. I just entered the same expiration date. Then, I confirmed my Metrobank ATM account again by clicking the Confirm My Card link. Unfortunately, it failed again. I received the same Error Message again.
7.  Then I checked my Metrobank online banking account, and viola... I had been deducted with Php 44.60 again. So my Metrobank atm account was deducted with a total of Php 89.20.
8.  I contacted Paypal regarding this matter and they said that I needed to contact my bank. And so, I contacted Metrobank by sending an email to them. Metrobank said,
"We regret to inform you that Metrobank accounts can't be linked to Paypal. For further explanation, please email at customercare@metrobank.com.ph   You may also call our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at 8700 700 or  Domestic Toll-Free No.  1-800-1888-5775."
I'm so disgusted with the deductions on my Metrobank account yet the linking process of Metrobank ATM Card to my Paypal account is not allowed. When I asked Metrobank if I could retrieve the deductions, they just ignored my request.
Do you think Metrobank is unjust to deduct an amount of money from my account even if they don't allow Paypal linking to Metrobank ATM Debit Card? Or is Paypal to be blamed on not notifying their users regarding charges or costs of unsuccessful linking to a Debit or Credit Card?
Do you want Metrobank to allow linking your ATM card to your Paypal Account?

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Mary Mae   (17 October 2017 9:15 AM)
Hi, I also added my metrobank account and had 3k balance in it. My client sent me her payment through paypal and it's the Metrobank that I linked to paypal. The problem is, the money got transferred through paypal but I lost my 3k balance. What should I do? Can anybody help?

dennis   (11 September 2017 9:17 AM)
HI! I have been using Paypal for 4 years now. The only bank linked to my account is Unionbank EONcard. NO problems with withdrawal. It takes only 2 days to for the money to reach my bank account. When you withdraw from paypal, make sure you withdraw or transfer the money to your bank or savings account and not to your linked credit card.. Maybe that is the reason why it takes more than 4 days to be credited in your account..Hope this could help..

admin   (14 March 2016 9:21 PM)
Chris, you need to remove your Metrobank Debit Card from your Paypal account. Then link or add it again as a "Bank Account"

jayson   (21 January 2016 12:31 PM)
i think there is an error on signing up your card. It should be add bank account not add credit card if it is an ATM.

Michelle   (25 August 2015 2:16 PM)
As for me I have successfully linked my Metrobank ATM Debit Account to paypal. I just viewed my statements by logging in to personal.metrobankdirect.com, selected View Statements, then chose the View Statement Criteria. It took me 2 days before I saw the description of the paypal transaction which includes the paypal code.

admin   (07 March 2016 10:04 AM)
Michelle, good for you. I think jayson is correct. Metrobank Debit Card should be added in the Paypal as Bank Account and not Credit Card as what I've mistakenly done in the above article.

Love   (29 July 2015 4:43 AM)
i should have read this before i linked my Metrobank Debit Acct to paypal. I lost 150 pesos. good thing just a small amount went away.. thanks for this!!

Ma Ru   (07 May 2015 1:26 PM)
Use EON by unionbank no problems..

Rigil Kent Rivas Ynot   (07 September 2014 2:17 AM)
mine is the worst... just tonight, I successfuly linked metrobank to paypal with an email confirming that my paypal is ready for use. I tried to purchase playstation codes for $25.00 USD but was unsuccessful, in my recent paypal activity it was listed that payment status is "Cancelled". When i checked my metrobank, i was deducted Php 1,172.99!!! It's still sunday dawn. i have to wait until monday to get to the bank.... I hope i can get my money back.

Grumpy Creative   (27 August 2014 5:10 PM)
I hope metrobank must do an action regarding this problem. We supposed to linked our metro bank account since it has mastercard logo which can be connected to paypal e.g., mastercard, american express and visa. So Metrobank must remove the mastercard logo because innocent people will try to link it because it is accepted in paypal but what the heck metrobank CANNOT link to paypal (as it says above and what i have experience also) and they just receive our link deduction like a charm. Are you crazy! I hope this old freaking style/scam will not persist and must undergone proper action. Good thing i have UNION BANK VISA which can link to paypal like a charm with no hassles. I'm just concern to the innocent :) By the way METROBANK team can you put your ATM card LOCAL USE ONLY don't connect to paypal or you will be charge. That's rude but better!

Eloise Verona Saguin   (27 August 2014 9:05 AM)
Oh my. I've just opened yesterday a Metrobank Prepaid Card account with MasterCard logo and planning to link it on my Paypal. Actually, I already tried linking it since yesterday but Paypal says, "The bank that issued your card didn't approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer.s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue." As I read this article and threads, I just don't want to take the risk in linking my Metrobank account to my Paypal anymore.

ben   (07 June 2014 11:12 PM)
Can I use the Debit Card with Maestro logo to be linked to Paypal?

Bryan   (06 June 2014 1:14 PM)
Hello guys. I have the same Metrobank ATM card on the picture above. Metrobank ET with a Mastercard logo. I know that I should add my account number on Edit/Add Bank account option. I did that. How long will it take for paypal to send two(2) seperate deposits as part of their verification?

And... I made sure that there's enough money left on my ATM to make sure the verification will go through.

Until now they did not send anything to my ATM account. I added my bank account June 1 and now is June 6. I've been waiting for 5 days now. Any opinion on this?

albert   (23 May 2014 9:20 AM)
Wooh Thank God I've read this before trying to link my paypal....thanks 4 the warning

Jonald   (16 April 2014 9:24 PM)
Same story here. So, did anyone of you guys tried a different bank with success? Please let me know, I am inquiring from BPI but they just give that "deer confused look on the headlights". I mean this is 2014 right?

shot   (09 April 2014 9:42 AM)
same with me. that damn metrobank and paypal. i wasted over 400-500php . damn.

Melvin   (15 March 2014 10:29 AM)
What the hell. i got the same errors. Screw paypal and metro bank. they should update which debit cards and banks can be linked to their system.

Arthur F   (14 March 2014 12:35 PM)
Just further clarification. I was entering my Metrobank ATM account already in paypal using Add/Edit bank account was successful and got the email notification saying... Congratulations! You have successfully added a Philippines bank account to your PayPal account. You can now withdraw funds from your PayPal account to this bank account."... and then saw this post, got scared to get those charges mentioned here, so I quickly removed it from my profile. I was able to remove it. But would still want to be able to use my MBTC ATM account to withdraw/transfer funds using paypal. Is anyone using this successfully? Thanks

Arthur F   (14 March 2014 12:27 PM)
I want to link my Metrobank ATM account? So has anyone got this successfully linked/setup in paypal?

Charlie Santiago   (11 March 2014 9:15 PM)
Is that a regular ATM Card? If so, you should've clicked on the Add/Edit bank account, not Add/Edit Credit card.

Enzo   (23 January 2014 6:36 PM)
Yes I know. Metrobank confirms the USD2 is incurred by PayPal. PayPal says they're refunding (to be expected in 48 days). The point is why not do it right the first time: If Metrobank accounts can't be used for PayPal verification, disable users to use such bank account for verification. That simple.

For PayPal, if verification is initiated using an invalid account, just tell it straightforward instead of using a misleading error messages that makes the user want to "try again" and be redundantly charged with unnecessary fees.

Enzo   (17 January 2014 9:00 PM)
I got into this very same situation just now. I wished I read your post earlier before I tried to verify my PayPal account using Metrobank ATM Debit MasterCard.

The customer service representative said I should confirm who made the deduction (but it's around USD2 so it's probably PayPal) with the Metrobank branch this Monday.

BTW, I tried printing a statement account from the Metrobank ATM and to my surprise, it charged me another PHP10, much to my disappointment.

admin   (18 January 2014 6:20 PM)
Enzo, I feel so sad about you. I'm wondering why Metrobank which is one of the largest banks in the Philippines cannot link their ATM Debit Card to Paypal?