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How to Know My Metrobank Account Number?

One of our guests here asks us a question:

I forgot to write a copy of my Metrobank account number. I have an ATM card but I don’t know which is the account number. How can I know my Metrobank Account Number?” – George

How to Know Metrobank Account Number?


You can know your Metrobank Account Number in 5 ways:

1. If you have the latest ATM Card, you can see your Metrobank Account Number on the front of your ATM card. It’s located below the Account Name. See the photo screenshot of the ATM Card below.

Metrobank Account Number
Metrobank ATM Card

2. If you have a Metrobank Passbook, you can see your Account Number inside your Passbook. See a photo screenshot of a Metrobank Passbook below:

Metrobank Passbook with ATM Account Number
Metrobank Passbook with Account Number

3.  If you enrolled in MetrobankDirect, an online banking website of Metrobank, you can also see your Account number there. Take a look inside the MetrobankDirect:

Metrobank Account Number in MetrobankDirect Online Banking
Metrobank Account Number in MetrobankDirect Online Banking Website
4. You can know your Metrobank Account Number thru inquiring in a Metrobank branch. Don’t forget to bring your valid id when going to the bank. The bank may require you to bring it.

5. You can also know your Metrobank Account Number thru calling Metrobank Customer Service Hotline Number (02) 870-0700 or thru its Domestic Toll-free No. 1-800-1888-5775.


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