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How to Request a Copy of Lost Deposit Slip in China Bank?

Sometimes, you might lost or misplace a deposit slip from a China Bank branch. The deposit slip might be necessary for you to have a copy of the deposit transaction or someone who might be your boss needs it badly for documentation. So, you need to request a copy of that deposit slip from China Bank. To get a copy of the deposit slip, follow the simple instruction provided below.
Request lost deposit slip in ChinaBank

The first question you need to answer is, "Where did you process the deposit transaction?".

You may request a copy of the transaction/deposit slip from the branch where you have processed the deposit transaction. So, you cannot get it to other China Bank branch. 

Just bring 2 valid government IDs and provide them with the details of the transaction (time, date, amount, account details).

Alternatively, you may request for a statement of account via your branch of account.  A charge of Php 50/month will be applied for this request.

You may also wish to view and manage your accounts by enrolling in China Bank Online. This might be useful for you: "How to Apply for China Bank Online Banking". You can view and print your last 3 months transactions from the transaction history and mini statement function of China Bank Online.

If you have a China Bank Tellercard, please visit our website at www.chinabank.ph and click on the Enroll button at the upper left portion of the homepage.  If you do not have a Tellercard, you can enroll your account in the New Accounts section of your branch of account.

We hope this addresses your concern. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to post your concerns/problems in the comment below.

Have you lost your China Bank deposit lost?

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